Monday, July 13, 2009

Taim Falafel & Smoothie Bar

One of our other favorite food spots in New York City is Taim Falafel & Smoothie Bar (222 Waverly Place at 7th Avenue). Taim, which means delicious in Hebrew, has been voted as one of the best falafel places in New York City (just google it and there's hundres of near perfect reviews of this place). And we understand why people love this West Village falafel house so much - the food is fresh, healthy, tasty and affordable.

Everything on Taim's menu is good and good for you (the food is vegan), and their gluten-free falafel is made to order and made from scratch daily using traditional middle eastern recipes. Taim's falafel is perfectly crisp on the outside while being perfectly soft on the inside, and spiced just right. They're not too oily and greasy and you never feel like you've been eating something that's been sitting out for hours.

Taim offers three different falafel flavors: Their traditional green (parsley, cilantro, and mint), red (roasted red peppers), and the Harissa (Tunisian spices). The best way to sample all three is to order their mixed falafel platter ($9.50).

Once we sampled all three, we knew our favorite was their traditional green falafel. Hands down the best of the three.

The falafel platter at $9.50 is such a great price for the amount of food (falafel, pita bread, tabouli, and Israeli salad) and the convenience of having such an incredibly delicious dinner delivered to our doors. The food is filling but you don't feel stuffed in a grossly sickening way.

The tahini hummus is incredible, and their Israeli salad and tabouli are equally impressive. We like to eat food like this a day after we've pigged out on burritos, burgers and pizza the days before. You feel like your cholesterol level begins to go down the moment you start eating this, like you're negating the oxidizing effects of the "bad" food. Yes, yes, we're doing it again - our notorious food self rationalizations.

This is by far the best pita bread we've tried. The whole wheat pita bread is infused with oils and herbs and absolutely delicious on its own.

Their homemade baklava is also good but isn't a standout item.

They're not called a smoothie bar for nothing. You can create your own smoothie or get one of their signature smoothies like their Date/Lime/Banana, Canteloupe Ginger/Coconut Milk, Strawberry/Raspberry/Thai Basil, or Pear/Mint/Lemon. They also offer almond juice or ginger mint lemonade.

And again, what we love about Taim is being able to get fresh and healthy food for a fair price. You can get a falafel or Sabich sandwich for $6. They also have a variety of salads in the $4 range. Every city should have a place like Taim. Thanks Keith for the recommendation! Too bad we can't Fed Ex you a platter.