Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Haute in the Hood

We are ecstatic about living so near the famous Chelsea Market, home to the Food Network and Oxygen Network. They have some wonderful specialty shops that foodies would adore, like Eleni's. Eleni's has cookies that look too good and artistic to eat and these phenomenal buttery cupcakes that come with an insane amount of frosting goodness. There's even mini cupcakes.

And look at these Sesame Street cupcakes we saw next door to Eleni's. Me want cupcake! (Click on picture to enlarge).

Another great thing about Chelsea Market - we found Rihaku there! One thing to note about Chelsea Market is they do not like you to take photos of anything, inside or outside the stores. After I snapped the above photos, I was asked to stop. Then you look around and begin to notice how much security they have, we're guessing maybe because of the likes of Bobby, Rachael, Mario and Paula. We'll be going there many more times and will be updating you with more great things we find there (perhaps without photos).