Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Bagel Store

WE LOVE FRENCH TOAST BAGEL!!!!! Well, we love French Toast in general, but man oh man, The Bagel Store's French Toast Bagel is superfragilisticexpialidocious! It has that classic French toast flavor, comes with powdered sugar on top, and is loaded up in the middle with whatever spread your heart desires. This stuff is popular because we had to wait quite a bit for a new batch of the goods to come out.

So The Bagel Store that sells the wonderful French Toast Bagel pictured above sells fresh large bagels with an encyclopedia of bagel spreads. This is just a part of their gigantuous bagel spread selection: apple & cinnamon cream cheese, olive pimento cream cheese, strawberry cream cheese, tofu vegetable, tofu jalapeno, roasted garlic and rosemary cream cheese, walnut raisin cream cheese, low fat vegetable cream cheese, peanut butter & jelly, honey, nova scotia lox, blueberry cheese cake cream cheese, bacon and cheddar cream cheese, and on and on and on. You get the idea.

When we first tried The Bagel Store a few days ago, we started off with just the toasted plain bagle with plain cream cheese because we figured, if they can't get the plain and simple stuff right, then there was no point to try the other variety. But the plain bagel was superb! Their cream cheese, even their low-fat version, tastes great.

And if you want a sandwich, you can't go wrong with their homemade egg salad sandwich. Just like how they load up on the cream cheese for you, they really load up the sandwich with the egg salad. It's not too creamy, not too much mayonnaise, just the right amount of yellow and white.

Their egg white omelet is delicious! Seriously, all you need is ketchup. We've had egg white omelets from other places that served us soggy, lumpy barely-there eggs. This egg white omelet was satisfying. Well worth $7.30, except the hash browns that come with it; these were unfortunately soggy.

Their three-egg white omelet with cheese bagel sandwich on onion bagel is highly recommended! They also have a large selection of cheese, cold cuts, and sandwiches. They have French toast, oatmeal, salads, soup, pastries, hot chocolate, espresso, cookies. They can get crowded here, so there could be a long wait for your food. But today, for our French Toast Bagel with cream cheese, egg salad sandwich, plain bagel with cream cheese, egg white omelet with hash browns, one cup of their house blend coffee (which was also good), and one bottled water, our tab came out to only $15.30. The price, quality, and quantity were all good. It was so much food, we couldn't finish it all. And if you know us, you know that we are piggies. Oink Oink!

The Bagel Store is open seven days a week, from 6 am to 10 pm at their 247 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY location. The best part is they serve breakfast all day. WE LOVE PLACES THAT SERVE BREAKFAST ALL DAY. They also provide local delivery, except when they're short staffed.

Digressing a bit here. We appreciate that so many restaurants in New York City deliver for free, usually with a $10 minimum. The last two nights we had Mexican and Thai food deliveries. We're gonna get spoiled here.