Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hot Fun in the Summertime

On Saturday, Bedford St. is blocked off so people can freely sit and wander the streets. People sell their records, clothes, jewelry, art, and comic books on the street. There's psychic readings, musicians playing their instruments, people playing ping pong.

At this street fair, I got to sample some delicious Wine Cellar Sorbet. The Pinot Noir sorbet was my favorite. They said they'll be coming out with a sake sorbet soon. I can't wait! They're called "The adult dessert for sophisticated palates."

I also got to take a photo in a large antique looking accordion-like photo booth called the Shootbooth. They've just recently begun rolling this out to the public. The shootbooth is an interactive experience in that you can take color pens and draw or write on the "window" for a different effect. They also offer this for private events. How fun! They can even set it up on building rooftops at night - these photos look especially great. Check out their gallery on their website.