Saturday, August 2, 2008

Brunchin' in the E. Vill Rain

Today began with a massive downpour, which was the perfect time to enjoy our first weekend brunch at Around the Clock 24 Hour Restaurant in the East Village. Weekend brunch is somewhat of a New York institution and brunch goes 'til about 4:00 pm (happy hour here goes ‘til 8:00 pm). For under $11 at Around the Clock, you can get a breakfast dish like Eggs Benedict, a cup of coffee, and champagne, which is a steal in this city. Service was slow but the food for the price was good.

We hung out at St. Mark’s and then had the perfect rainy day weather drinks. We went to Max Brenner: Chocolate by the Bald Man, a Willy Wonka for adults, and had cappuccino and hot chocolate with marshmallows. The next visit we will order the marshmallow chocolate pizza!

Apparently they're filming some scenes from a Woody Allen film at Mars Bar.

This is the Larry Tate pizza (spinach, plum tomatoes, garlic on a white pie) at Two Boot's Pizzeria on 3rd St. and Ave A. They have a variety of unique combos, such as the Bayou Beast, which consists of crawfish, bbq shrimp and jalapeno, as well as healthy whole wheat options. Oh yeah, they can also deliver videos with your pizza pie for cheap!

Joe Strummer mural near Two Boot's. Mr. Strummer was, is and always will be one of my favorites. Clash City Rockers for life!!!!!

Day 2 in the adventures of NYC apartment hunting hell: We took a look at a really unsafe looking and tiny apartment on the edge of East Village. A broker that charges 15% of the year’s rent showed it to us. We walked in and out.

When we went to take a look at three more apartments in another building, there were over 30 other people there to see them. All apartments were microscopic and expensive, but they did have washer/dryer in the units, which is almost as rare in this city as seeing a two-headed person walking down the street. Apparently according to New Yorkers, we are apartment hunting literally during the worst month of the year. August is when college kids that have just graduated move to New York to fulfill their dreams, and of course the NYU students are returning to school.