Friday, August 8, 2008

Following the Brown Brick Walls

Since we don't want to sit and twiddle our thumbs as we await being (hopefully) called for an interview with the co-op board (and then we have to wait yet again for an answer after the interview), we hit the pavement again today, one appointment after another, to view apartments in E. Village and one in Midtown West.

The one in Midtown West was a remarkable 950 sq feet ginormous loft and it seemed like it would be a really easy approval (no security deposits, no credit check, no lengthy application, no board approvals, nada). And the guy liked us. The catch, the area is not very desirable (i.e. as a female, you would definitely have to be on triple extra guard walking to the apartment at night) and there were only two small windows with the view of the brick exterior of another building (much like the E. Village photo below). Absolutely no light in the place. Really, no natural light. For a space that big, it felt like being in a basement. However, this is something we're still considering because of the size and the fast, easy approval.

So here's a sample of some of the tiny, overpriced crap we've been seeing. This one is in the East Village. Apparently even for crap like this, you need a guarantor that makes 80xs the monthly rent. However, he said he'd be willing to waive this if you paid him five months' rent up front. This photo shows what the serene and breathtaking view looks like from the bedroom of this unit. Yes folks, this is the only view from the bedroom:

If only you could have seen us swoon. And oooh aaaah, the ever lovely window bars in the living room:

Yet more gorgeous views from the ground level of the building interior:

Really, do the above "views" look like views from a $2,000 apartment or an apartment worth paying five months' rent up front? After seeing the numerous E. Village expensive dumps today, that Chelsea one is looking mighty good. Another lesson we learned today, it's uncommon but if you can rent directly through the apartment manager, your approval will be easier and faster (probably within two days or s0).