Friday, August 1, 2008

A Mom's Request and NYC Rental Hell

We stumbled upon Lombardi’s on Spring Street and decided to eat there to satisfy a mom's request to have a piece of the pie through us (she's watched this tourist hot spot covered on countless travel and food shows and asked that we eat there). Comically, she called us right at the moment we got the pizza. Her pizzeria radar was on! We folded the large sweet Italian sausage and wild mushroom pizza and dived in. That was for you, mom! Of course the worst seat in the restaurant is adjacent to the unisex bathroom; that’s where we sat, but we didn’t care because we had been walking around all day in this sweltering summer and we just wanted to exist in air conditioning.

Today officially marks our first day in the adventures of NEW YORK RENTAL HELL. We took a look at three laughable apartments near NYU/Broadway. The first studio was on the ground floor, not sure if there were any windows, about 300 sq and looked like it had been flooded with trash and fast food wrappers. One of the many people waiting to see this apartment said “are we all waiting to see this 100sq feet piece of crap?” The second studio looked like a tiny hostel room with a mini fridge and no stove; this unit was $2,200. The third studio (also at $2,200) was in such bad condition that we’ll spare you the details. We have the pleasure of going through this hell again tomorrow, the next day, and until we finally settle on a piece of crap more to our liking. Apparently even the “no fee” apartments on Craigslist have fees. Most of those claiming to be by owner are by brokers. It’s crazy because if someone lists an apartment at 12:00 pm, it’s already taken by 5:00 pm. The funny part are the apartment photos on Craigslist; they stretch out the photos horizontally so the space appears larger.

On a lighter note, I’ve been excited like a child to hear the constant sound of the ice cream trucks driving by. Oh, and last night was the first night we've had Korean food in a restaurant that was playing the likes of The Cure and Nirvana, and looked more like a swanky English restaurant than a Korean restaurant. Considering the way the restaurant looked, it was a pleasant surprise that the food was traditional.