Monday, August 25, 2008

Finally, Keys to our New Apartment

It took us 25 days to find something, but we finally have the keys to our new quintessentially tiny New York City brownstone with views of the lovely brick walls and we are ecstatic! We'll officially move in on the 28th.

And no, this is not either of the two Chelsea co-op apartments we thought we were going to move into. One of the ritzy Chelsea co-op apartments, which would have been rented to us "under the table" to avoid the co-op process hassle won't be ready until late September. The other Chelsea co-op apartment which we applied for on August 4th has still yet to be reviewed by the co-op board. Nothing is moving forward with that, despite the owner's frequent requests.

In both cases, we were not willing to wait yet another month and go into a third sublet situation. No freakin way. So yesterday, we reached desperation and scramble mode and hit Craigslist AGAIN. There wasn't much new postings but we took a look at one Chelsea apartment on the street we wanted to move into in the first place. The building also happens to be adjacent to my friend's former apartment.

It's been almost one month of living out of one black suitcase, living in someone else's home, and swallowing cat hair. In another post, we will share the long hard lessons we learned on this stressful New York City apartment hunting journey. Hopefully those lessons will be helpful to those getting ready to move here.