Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sayonara Brooklyn

Today was our last day at our temporary housing in Brooklyn. In addition to receiving free housing, we had the pleasure of cat-sitting the quirky and charming Mr. Spatz. As soon as we saw his preference for drinking water out of a Guinness cup, we knew we'd get along with him.

We loved how he'd hide for hours, then at night while we were asleep, he'd make himself known by jumping on the bed, climbing all over us, and head-butting us. He would not let us sleep. We had always been dog people, but we grew quite fond (no, attached) of the Spatz Catz.

We need to find one of these in whatever area we finally move to: Joe's Busy Corner Gourmet Deli (552 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY) is one of those staple go-to place when you want simple comfort home-style food, nothing fancy, at a reasonable price, with friendly service. You can't go wrong with their Paninis. Try the "Anthony's Delight" toasted panini, which comes with eggplant, mozzarella, roasted peppers, and herbs and spices. If you like flavor, this is the one for you. They also have daily breakfast sandwiches for $3.50, many gourmet sandwich options, pastas and pasta salads, and other daily specials. Everything you need is here - cheap coffee, muffins, soda, beer, cookies, and oversized donuts with extra sprinkles.

Another great thing about Joe's Busy Corner is they sell this Manhattan Special Espresso Coffee Soda. This is probably not the healthiest liquid to put in your body, but when you want an occasional, sweet perk-me-up, this gets the job done.

This is a cheap coffee we've been drinking in the mornings before heading out. We've developed a love and hate relationship with this coffee - it tastes good when it's piping hot then tastes like dirty sweat-soaked socks when you've let the coffee sit and cool down. So if you drink this, drink it fast (even if the hot water is burning your throat). This is not for the faint mocha lattte frappa venti yadda yadda drinkers - this coffee is "put hairs on your chest" strong. Drink with discretion.