Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Grandma and Grandpa Pizza Pie

Driggs Pizza & Italian Restaurant's motto is "Serving Italian Home Cooked Meals Since 1968." If home cooked meals taste this good, we'd stay home every night. I'm certain we'll taste other excellent pizza throughout NYC, each with a slightly distinct quality, but so far we liked Driggs the best (558 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn).

We all love our grandmas and grandpas and this is no exception. Their Grandma pizza pie is gastronomically wonderful. It's got pesto, tomato sauce, cheese, and olive oil. They're such simple ingredients but a perfect balance of each ingredient. We definitely don't dig soggy pizza and if you're the kind of person that likes your toast slightly burnt, then this pizza is for you, as it comes on a very crispy crust.

The Grandpa slice is almost as good. It comes with a ton of garlic, diced tomato, basil, cheese, olive oil, and a bit of spice. Also on a toasty crust.

These garlic knots weren't as impressive as their pizzas but if you're on a tight budget, you can get full on these for a buck. Yup, four for $1. Our meal for the two large slices of pizza, these garlic knots, pepperoni rolls, beer and bottled water came to only $13.

Drigg is a bit of a hole-in-the wall with only a few tables, and that's how we prefer our pizza joints.

Their menu is huge. It would take too long to list their complete selections so here's a peak at a tiny portion of their non-pizza offerings: appetizers include baked clams and beef patties, hot dog roll; sandwiches include pizza steak on garlic bread, potato & eggs, veal cutlet, pepper steak; pasta dishes include gnocchi with vodka, baked stuffed shells, ziti with ricotta and peas, cavatelli, baked manicotti; and a huge seafood pasta selection such as flounder filet, shrimp lemonata, cultivated mussells, and on and on.

The service is good, they're open daily, they provide free delivery, and they cater too. The only complaint we've heard about this joint is that they're apparently not open late enough- closing at either 10 or 11 pm.