Sunday, August 10, 2008

Earn Your Wings at a Thrift Shop

Angel Street Thrift Shop on 118 West 17th Street (in Chelsea) looks like an upscale boutique from the outside (we almost didn't want to venture in because it looked "fancy schmancy"), but in their store they had a surprisingly affordable and interesting selection of mens' and womens' clothes, furniture, and house ware items.

We saw some really good looking large vintage tables for under $100. For example, they had a early 70's turntable with speakers that was secretly built into a table in excellent condition for only $85. Considering the overpriced horribly beat-up vintage furniture we saw in SOHO, this was a definite steal. Well maintained furniture that would add character to any pad at a great value.

We also lucked out because everything in their store today was 50% off, which meant we scored a vintage long cream Oscar de la Renta dress for $50 and a true vintage Army jacket that would make the average Hipster "Shit Show" jealous (fyi - it only cost $17).

The best part, proceeds benefit people affected by substance abuse, HIV, AIDS, and mental illness. So earn you wings here by shopping and donating.