Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Colorful Streets of NYC

Nothing is too strange in New York City. You stumble upon the most amusing things as you walk down the street that most veteran New Yorkers don't even seem to notice. We're not sure what they were filming, but this "I love the 80s" contraption was being pulled down St. Mark's street and nearly took my foot out. Maybe a remake of Olivia's "Let's get physical"? Or an advertisement for the really lazy man's exercise machine (where the hired help in red does the work for you).

We realized we were far from our hometown when we saw this sign in a grocery store in the East Village. We verified with the manager that they sell beer at all hours of the day, except after 3:00 AM on "the" Sundays.

This painting in the window of a Chinese furniture store made us smile ear-to-ear, and we would have bought it if not for it's steep $385 price tag. I mean seriously, can you imagine how great it would be to wake up every morning to Chinese naked man babies swimming in the skies, and that look like they were made out of the same shiny plastic material as that of Barbie doll? Come on, Chinese man wearing a blue granny one-piece swimsuit riding a fish . . . heavenly.