Friday, September 26, 2008

Not Your Average Local Library

This is by far the nicest library we've ever step foot inside. How often do you go to a library and see tourists taking photos? Never happened at our local libraries in our hometown. We walked into The New York Public Library on 42nd Street and it felt like walking into a museum. They even have a library shop that looks like it belongs at the MET.

Holy Moses! The classic details and artwork in this museum are just remarkable. Again, it's easy to forget you are at a library.

Here's one of the two famous reclining stone lions at the entrance to the museum. The lions apparently went through several name changes, the most recent being "Patience" and "Fortitude." The lions were given those names because those were the qualities New Yorkers needed to endure the Great Depression, same qualities New Yorkers need now amidst this economic downturn.

People also come to the museum to meet and just hang out on the steps between the lions. Just like at Bryant Park, which the museum is near, there's cafe style tables at the entrance for people to read (or people watch, which seems to be more the case). Also, this famous entrance was featured in the opening scene of Ghostbusters.

The New York Public Library is one of the largest public libraries and research centers in the world. Throughout the year, The New York Public Library offers more than 25,000 free public programs, which includes lectures, exhibitions, classes, concerts, and film screenings. Yet another great thing about New York.