Friday, September 12, 2008

The Met

New York - the place of food, Broadway, shopping, music, and ART. Incredible Art! We intend to see as much art, from the off-the-beaten-path ones to great classic originals that you never thought you'd see in real life. We got that chance the other day when we spent a day at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Just $20 gives you an all day pass to see the kind of stuff that'll make your knees weak from excitement. After having art history classes every day at Musee du Louvre, you think you'd be too spoiled to appreciate art at other museums. Not! You will enjoy and appreciate and be delighted by every piece of art work here. Wow, to see the sketch of Matisse's "The Young Sailor" next to the painting or to see a Van Gogh self-portrait.

The Met is so big, don't think you can see everything in one day. Wear comfortable shoes (you're gonna do a lot of walking) and bring a jacket or sweater (some parts of the museum are very chilly, especially in the statue areas). It would take up too much space to share some of the images we took of the artwork we had the honor to see up close. Here's a tiny tiny tiny sample of some you will most likely recognize. The art, starting with Dali, will speak for themselves:

And since we're in New York, this piece below is titled "The Cathedrals of Fifth Avenue" (1931) by American artist Florine Stettheimer: "Turning her gaze to Fifth Avenue - New York's shopping mecca - Stettheimer treated the spectacles of high society and consumerism with affectionate humor. A newly wedded couple emerges from a church, ready to begin a life of excess and acquisition. Floating about them are the names of New York's most exclusive shops and food establishments."

The Roof Garden at the Met (with beautiful views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline) currently has the work of contemporary American artist Jeff Koons on display (through Oct. 26). All of these pop sculptures are made of high chromium stainless steel with transparent color coating and took between six and eight years for each sculpture to complete.

The "Balloon Dog" shown here stands more than 10 feet tall and gives the appearance of an actual balloon twisted into the shape of a toy dog. There were elementary school kids on a field trip that just went nuts over this:

This is called "Coloring Book" and is inspired by the beloved Piglet from a Winnie the Pooh coloring book.

This "Sacred Heart" depicts the Roman Catholic image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We will see you again, and again.

We love this poster! And it's on our living room wall.