Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sweet Youth

The Cupcake Cafe is for the kid in us all. We love cupcake and anything sweet. But, to state it frankly, this place is not the best place to get the tastiest cupcake. What you come here for is that "I wish I was a kid again" experience (well, with the exception of being a kid that can drink coffee).

This is their 18 W. 18th Street location (between 5th & 6th ave). They also have another location on 545 9th ave (between 40th & 41st).

This place is oozing with that nostalgic childhood feeling that us practical adults need a taste of from time to time.

Remember how fun it was when you could squiggle and draw on the chalkboard when your teacher stepped out of the classroom?

As I mentioned, this is not the best cupcake we've tried. We tend to like our cupcakes moist, with creamy, buttery frosting. I think that's supposed to be the standard qualities of cupcakes, no? Well, the Cupcake Cafe's was the complete opposite - it's refrigerated (to maintain the flower decoration) so it's on the dry crumbly side and the frosting is like ice cream frosting. But the cupcakes are adorable and easy on the eyes.

The Cupcake Cafe's cake designs are absolutely beautiful, from their floral cakes to their larger wedding cakes. And check out their nontraditional cake designs under their "Art Design Cakes" section of their website. Their typewriter and Whitehouse/Jon Stewart cake - just genius. They have cake decorating classes that just began too. And how fun - you can have a birthday party or even host ice cream socials during the summer months at the 18th St. location, which includes a sundae bar, full dessert bar, and root beer. You can have the space for up to 3 1/2 hours and decorate it!

But really, the best part about Cupcake Cafe is that it shares space with Books of Wonder where they carry a great selection of children's books, including New York books, foreign language titles, and first editions. What a brilliant idea - kids reading in a fun environment and getting their sugar fix, while parents sip on their coffee reminiscing about their childhood.

Books of Wonder also sells old, rare, and out-of-print collectible children's books (including 19th cent editions of Grim and Andersen, The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and Paddington Bear). Currently they have the "Oz Toy Book," one of the rarest of the Oz publications, up for sale for $8,500. 00. The price is crazy. What's crazier is that there are a lot of people in the city right now who have that kind of money to spend on one book.

This is the book (from a South African writer) that our kid would probably read. To be honest, I wanted to buy this for myself.