Sunday, September 28, 2008

UFO Sighting

Finally our second Joseph sighting, again at the 8th ave stop. Joseph draws and colors space invader themed art - they're essentially variations on similar drawings glued to a card board backing (one with a dog about to be beamed up into space and the other is "UFO Activity" where the spaceships are attacking the subways, and that's the one we have on our wall). We would have bought "Beam Down Dog" except the one he colored today was pink.

This time we were able to ask him some questions. Joseph's been an artist for 30 years but he's been selling his original art since 2002 and he said he's had no problem selling them from the start. He said he's usually at the 8th ave (at 14th St.) stop everyday, except Sundays (except today), from 6 to 9 pm, although we've never seen him at this stop during that time. Odd. He lives on 8th and somewhere in the 40s. What was cool about the UFO Activity he did today was one of the UFOs had blinking lights. But he only had two completed pieces left since some assholes stole his other artwork today. What kind of schmuck would steal from someone in a wheelchair that can't even chase after them? Losers. Joseph was still in positive spirits, his art is in demand that the low lives have to steal them. Oh well, not to worry we have plenty of wall space available for more Joseph originals.