Saturday, September 13, 2008

How much is that black coat in the window?

I had my eye on this Phillip Lim black coat for over two weeks, on display at the Angel Street Thrift Shop in Chelsea. The store had some fall merchandise, like this coat, only on preview until they went on sale today.

The workers weren't allowed to tell you how much the coat cost, what size it was, wouldn't let you take it off the mannequin, nothing. Apparently, many people were asking about the coat so the friendly workers advised me, "On Sept. 13, come at 8 am, knock on the door and ask for Patrick, he'll give you a number, go get some breakfast, then come back at 10 am when the store opens. It's first come first serve."

Every time I walked past this store window the last couple weeks, I felt like the untouchable coat was taunting me. So 7:30 am rolled around this morning and I could not peel myself out of bed. I thought, "I'll go at 10 when the store opens, if it's there, it's meant to be, if it's not, oh well, I'll get over it." When we got there, there was a small line to get into the store. A man behind us in line who had also been waiting to buy a coat said, "We're all here waiting for things we don't need but have to have." Sir, I just moved from tropical climate so I NEED and HAVE to have it.

The door opened, people zoomed in trying to find what they had been waiting for. This lady went crazy when she got her hands on a cream-colored coat that apparently fit, screaming like an insane person with bug eyes, "it's mine!" Then we saw my Lim coat, grabbed it promptly, looked at the price (which was much lower than I expected it to be), and when I saw the size "6" on the tag, I knew it would fit and it did! The workers were funny, "Oooh, the coat, you got it." Oh yes, it was meant to be!