Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Healthy Burger . . . Sort Of

We're back online! Just got our internet/cable yesterday. So we'll be posting a back log of things we've been itching to share with you starting with this. We found delicious burgers at New York Burger Co at 678 6th Ave, between 21st and 22nd St. They char-grill their burgers to order in front of you, and they use all natural Angus beef/chicken/ground turkey. Their fries and award-winning onion rings are cooked in cholesterol free soybean oil. Their ingredients have no added preservatives. This published nutritional info helped us to enjoy eating our burgers guilt free.

Here's the size difference between the regular and mini burger. This mini cheeseburger made me very happy. The mini cheeseburgers ($3.00) are a great way to try the different burger offerings like their Dallas, Seattle, or Chicago burgers.

Here's their turkey burger ($6.5o). If you are watching the cholesterol level like me, this is a great option. A little on the dry side but still tasty. I have a weak spot for fries, sorry doc. The mini option is only $2.75.

I have this weird rationalization about "neutralizing free radicals" by eating some good with the bad. So if you eat a lot of ketchup (lycopene, of course) with fries, then you're good. Since I was having burgers and had a large pizza the night before, I thought their "Zen" smoothie consisting of macha green tea, fresh ginger, lemon, honey, and low-fat vanilla ice cream would cancel out the bad particles in your body. And hell, this tasted good and made me feel better. We'll try the "Elvis" smoothie (banana, all natural peanut butter, chocolate syrup, and dutch chocolate ice cream) next time. But if you're still not convinced by a smoothie with ice cream being good for you, New York Burger Co. sells salads too for you freaks that like to go to a burger joint and feel the need to order a salad.

There were five guys working under the gun to fill the order in a timely manner. Hats off to the chefs!!!!

New York Burger Co. also offers mini hots dogs, buttermilk fried chicken minis, and their most costly burger on their menu is their Cheese Skyscraper - for $10.50 you get a double burger with double cheese.

Watch for our Pop Burger posting coming soon.