Sunday, September 14, 2008

El Idolo's Taco Truck

New York City is a big strain on your wallet. And that's a BIG understatement. High rent, occasional tendencies to jump in a cab to avoid cramped rush-hour subway rides, winter clothing, tipping the food delivery folks, and rows of restaurants on every street that you want to try. Then, you look at your checking account balance and get terrified. You have to balance the spending out somehow. So today we had lunch on a budget at El Ídolo’s taco truck in Chelsea, at 14th St. and 8th Ave.

We hoped this taco truck was gonna be better then the hot mess that was the Endless Summer taco truck (aka Endless Bummer). And we were right.

This is what El Ídolo offers. Good prices and a traditional Mexican meal.

El Ídolo's chicken tacos. A good amount of chicken. Nicely, yet gently, flavored. Traditional with two corn tortillas filled with meat, cabbage, radish slices and served with a lime on the side. Can't go wrong for $2. Pile on their red hot sauce for more flavor. You have to be very brave to eat it with the scary green sauce. I like spicy food and sauces but this one made my stomach do a cartwheel. I even saw this young Mexican kid in front of me exchange the green for the mild red sauce. Beware of the GREEN sauce.

El Ídolos's $2 beef taco. Basic but it hits the spot.

We will be making frequent trips to El Ídolo. We can't complain about $4 per person for a decent meal. We hope the truck doesn't drive away and park too far from us.