Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brooklyn Bridge Flea

Last Sunday was one of our favorite days in New York. Brooklyn Bridge Flea is by far the best flea market we've been to, not necessarily because of the vendors, but because of their location - under the Brooklyn Bridge with views of the Manhattan Bridge, the Manhattan skyline, and next to the Brooklyn Bridge Park and the old Tobacco Warehouse. We knew we were in for a good day when we got off the subway and had these views heading toward the flea market.

No matter where you are, you will always see the Empire State Building in the distance. In this case, framed by the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge Flea is located directly under the Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO and is open from 11 am to 6 pm every Sunday (the Fort Greene Flea, which we haven't been to yet, is open on Saturdays).

People walking above us on the Brooklyn Bridge.

We walked away with $3 vintage scarves and $2 old postcards. But there were of course expensive items - $1,000 furniture and even this book we wanted that was unfortunately going for $60.

As we were leaving, a conservative looking Joe Schmo actually bought this Bootsy Collins-esque vest, which looked crazier from the front.

This vendor was selling make your own beer kits.

Our favorite vendor was Olde Good Things. They were selling some incredible furnitures. If we weren't moving, and more importantly wealthy, we'd style our apartment with everytying he was selling, like this unique chain link coffee table.

And this mirror.

Another great thing about the Brooklyn Flea is they actually sell food. They had a juice/smoothie truck parked outside. Inside, they were selling ice cream, sweets, pupusas and pizza (note below the way they were preparing the pizza. Nice!). But where was the fish taco vendor??? Maybe the hot day at the Fort Greene location the day prior was too much for them.

We decided on lobster rolls for lunch, which were so good they deserve their own post. We also appreciated that there were seating areas. Another good thing about the Brooklyn Bridge Flea - ample portable toilets nearby.

After our flea shopping, we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. We never get tired of looking at this bridge. Our friends Erika and Ari got us a beautiful photo Ari took of the bridge that will be hanging on our walls wherever life leads us. It's a far better photo than we could ever take with our little 'ol camera. Thanks guys!

One of the not so cool things this park could do without are the drug syringe needles by the park benches.

It was remarkable having the Brooklyn Bridge to your left and the Manhattan Bridge to your right. This park has probably one of the most remarkable views.

And another one of our highlights on this day was the old Tobacco Warehouse. We had fun simply taking a million photos here.

Before heading to the subway, we had to stop by Jacques Torres Chocolate for one of his decadent ice creams. His ice cream shop is located right next to his chocolate shop (66 Water Street).

This vanilla/caramel/rum ice cream has got to be one of the best ice creams on the planet. Not bad for $3 for a large scoop. His ice cream shop has rotating flavors at all of his locations. I was tempted to get my ice cream in a waffle cone but with a ice cream this freaking good, a standard cup is sufficient. His ice cream sandwiches are supposed to be remarkable as well.

Next door is his European style chocolate shop. What can you say about a chocolate shop that sells key lime ganache chocolates called "Love Bug" or chocolates made with Mexican spices and chipotle chiles called "Wiked Fun"?

And next to Jacques Torres is this gorgeous Jane's Carousel on display in a small gallery space. In December 2010, the carousel will be moved to the Brooklyn Bridge Park where kids and adults will finally get to enjoy a ride. It will be beautiful to see this in motion when the lights are up at night with the views of the Manhattan. We're looking forward to returning to New York and enjoying this.

It took about 22 years of labor for this historic carved wood carousel to be completely restored to its original condition (the carousel was built in 1922).

DUMBO buildings.

An easy subway ride to and from the Brooklyn Bridge Flea (on the A Train) - just one subway stop from Manhattan.