Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sacred Lotuses and Water Lilies at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Tuesdays are free admission to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which we didn't even know until we got there. We lucked out. Free is good, but unexpected free is way more fun. We wanted to go back to the BBG one final time this year to see the water lilies and sacred lotuses, which is only planted from July to September in two large pools at the garden's Lily Pool Terrace.

Lemon Scent Water Lilies.

Celebration Water Lily.

Yellow Water Lily.

Peach Glow Water Lilies.

The sacred lotuses were also beautiful. The Angel Wings Sacred Lotus.

Perry's Giant Sunburst Sacred Lotus.

We also love to see dragon flies, since it's rare to spot them. The day we went, there were hundreds of dragon flies flying around the water lilies. We saw red ones, green ones, our favorite blue ones, baby dragon flies and monstrously sized ones as well. An amazing sight.

And there were also some weird dragonfly on dragonfly action going on. The school children were terrified of them.

Near the Lily Pool Terraces were other interesting flowers that we've never seen but were getting out shined by the water lilies.

Purple Shamrock!

When we were last at the BBG, they were just beginning to plant the Children's Garden and now they're almost complete. The coolest thing about this is that you have to be a kid to have access to the garden.

We almost wished we brought a few Ziploc bags with us when we saw the edible garden.

The way we've always ended our day at the Botanic Garden is by getting a vanilla ice cream cone from the Mister Softee truck and eating it on the steps of the Brooklyn Museum while watching the kids get wet from the fountain.

Being able to see the water lilies was such an amazing experience. We highly recommend seeing them if you plan to be in New York in August. The other two great times to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden are when the cherry blossoms or rose garden are in full bloom.