Sunday, August 23, 2009

Streets of Summer

We LOATHE the August heat in New York City. Even the waterproof/sweatproof SPF 75 sunblock on your face and body begins to drip into small white pools on the concrete after only 15 minutes of stepping out the door.

BUT then again, there's some good things about the summer too, like how people in New York love to hang outside despite the heat. Everyone's picnicking (you should see how crowded the lawns are of pretty much every park), there's a parade for every group imaginable (Gay, Dominican, Chinese, to name a few), there's boat rides, there's more bicyclists and joggers than we've ever seen in our hometown, and street fairs. Dare we say that in many respects New Yorkers are more "outdoorsy" than folks living in states that are warm all year?

New Yorkers are hell of a lot nicer during the stupidly hot summer months, and it's pretty damn refreshing.