Monday, August 3, 2009

CupcakeStop Truck and Kogi Korean BBQ Truck

We were eagerly awaiting the debut of the CupcakeStop truck back in June when we read the announcement on We checked out their menu and knew we had to try their White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl, Oreo Crumb, and Peanut Butter and Jelly.

So early last month after we walked to the end of the Highline, we stopped by the truck. When we got there, we were really disappointed to learn they had almost none of the cupcakes advertised on their website. It was either sold out or they just didn't make more. The only two they were offering were a plain one and a peanut butter one. We decided to buy the mini ones, and we're glad we did because the cupcakes were nothing special. It tasted a bit old and dry like it's been sitting in the truck for a few days, which is surprising considering they say the cupcakes are made from scratch daily.

From what we've heard, some people love their cupcakes and others think they just downright suck. They have a strong marketing campaign for this, perhaps to mask the lack of good quality cupcakes. The truck is normally parked around 22nd or 23d on the West Side but the location is subject to change. They're smart about posting location posting updates via twitter on the home page of their website. After our first bad experience here, we're not sure we want to go back and give them another chance. We think we'll just stick with our winner, Magnolia.

We really wish we had the Kogi Korean BBQ Truck in New York City. The truck has an occult-like following that people (of all ethnicities and income brackets) obsessively stalk it and don't mind waiting in a long line. Check out their menu. Korean short rib tacos!!! Feed us! We heard they might be opening a truck in New York City; unfortunately that'll be after we're gone. The only time we envied you people living in L.A.