Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two Sangria Summers

We've always enjoyed Sangria, but back in our hometown, we usually had to make it at home since it was almost impossible to find a restaurant or bar that offered them (and when they did, it normally didn't taste very good). We've happily enjoyed two summers of Sangrias (and Margaritas) - nothing finer than drinking one of those fine beverages on a hot day after walking around the city. In fact, we started an unplanned tradition of drinking Sangria around 3 PM on weekends since we were always passing by one of these signs.

This wonderful $3 Sangria special is offered at Lusso in SoHo. Unlike many other Sangria specials, Lusso offers this all day and all night. Get happy indeed! For such a cheap price, we were pleasantly surprised that they didn't water it down. And that's a good day for us - sitting at the window in air conditioning, sheltered from the rain and heat, sipping on delicious, cheap Sangria while watching the always entertaining New York street theater.