Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brunch: Barney Greengrass Style

Back to Barney Greengrass for one of New York's finest brunch experience. This time we sat by their takeout counter and watched the guys slice the pastrami and prepare the smoked fish.

Nova Scotia Lox perfection. Best to order this as an appetizer so you can get everything on the side - lettuce, tomato, onions, olives, lemon, bagel, and cream cheese - so you can graze the food to your liking.

The plain bagel and cream cheese here is as good as it gets.

The perfect tuna fish sandwich. The bread was soft but not soggy. The tuna fish was out of this world with just the right amount of chopped celery thrown into the mix.

Barney's storefront window has photos of Adam Sandler and Barbara Walters. The best photos are the old photos of what their storefront once looked like when they first opened.

One of the great things about this place is that it's one of those places you can only find in New York City. The bad thing is that we can't take this place with us when we move, even if they ship their fish.