Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Manhattan Bridge Walk

We've walked the Brooklyn Bridge both ways, and we decided to finally walk the Manhattan Bridge as well. Considering it was 95 degrees, the walk was pretty easy and only took us about 30 minutes.

The entrance (going from Manhattan to Brooklyn) is at Chinatown. The miserable part of walking the Manhattan bridge on a hot August day was walking through crowded Chinatown for what seemed like ages until we finally reached the entrance to the bridge. The pathway is pretty narrow but at least it doesn't get as crowded as the Brooklyn Bridge. Views of Chinatown apartments to your right.

The only view to your left are the subways.

The roaring subway noise didn't take away from the beautiful views of Manhattan and Brooklyn bridge to our right.

In no time, we could see the Tobacco Warehouse and the Brooklyn Bridge Flea Market tents and we knew we were almost at the end.

Rooftop playground.

We almost melted but we did it!

After our bridge walk, we went back to the flea market looking forward to eating the Red Hood Lobster Pound lobster rolls once again. We almost lost it when we realized they weren't there on this day. No!!!!!!! The horror!!!!!! Luckily, we had fish tacos to appease us (sort of). We're always down for tacos and these were pretty good, but they didn't even come close to putting us in the "happy place" we would have been eating those lobster rolls.

Oh well, we still had a good time despite the heat and picked up some great old New York postcards (1910-1930s) for a buck. And we had one of the best health juices we've ever tried from the Green Pirate Juice Truck: The Hot Pink Limeade - lime, lemon, sweet beet, red apple, and cucumber. Incredibly delicious. Who knew we'd like to drink beet?

We were also planning on trying a coal-fired brick oven pizza from Grimaldi's until we saw this line. After waiting almost three hours at Di Fara's and after trying the best pizza in the world, we just weren't about to stand in another long line in 95 degree weather. Hopefully we'll be able to try Grimaldi's one day when we return (perhaps in Winter). But, we can't imagine it'll be better than Di Fara's pizza.

There's a pier on the opposite side of the bridge (and flea market) where you can catch the water taxi back into Manhattan.

Every time we catch a distant view of the Statue of Liberty, it's like seeing it for the first time. It's always beautiful.

Nothing beats eating an enormous scoop of ice cold creamy ice cream with the beautiful views above.