Monday, August 10, 2009

Greek Food in Astoria

Astoria, and in particular the area surrounding Ditmars Boulevard, is a hub for Greek immigrant families. So we knew we were going to get the best Greek food we've ever tried. We wanted to go to Agnanti restaurant, but on weekdays they don't open until 3:00 PM so we went instead to Taverna Kyclades, which was highly recommended to me by an acquintance. He told me Taverna has one of the best seafoods and Greek foods in New York. It was a great recommendation because the food was excellent and the service was friendly, prompt and attentive. Their lunch specials are affordable, especially when you see how enormous the portions are.

They start you off with warm bread that tasted like it just got out of the oven.

The spinach pie with greek salad was terrific. You have to like cheese to like this dish. The greek salad is one of the best we've tasted. This dish was really filling. Not a bad deal for $7.50.

Since Taverna Kyclades is known for their fresh seafood, I tried their Fried Whiting ($10.95), my first time trying this dish. In our hometown, greek menus only consist of the basic and common stuff like fish and lamb souvlaki, hummus, pita bread, etc. We're glad we've had our minds and appetites expanded to more than the standardized Greek foods.

The fish tasted so fresh and delicious, especially with lemon squeezed on it. And it was a lot of food. Even though it's fried, it's still a nice, light fish dish.

All lunch specials are served with your choice of rice, french fries, or lemon potatoes. The potatoes were soft and covered with lemon and oil. It was hard to stop eating this.

We couldn't help notice what others were ordering - salmon, scallops, and calamari - and the portions were ridiculously gigantic and they all looked so damn good. Too bad this restaurant isn't in our neighborhood.